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FAST ACTION BONUSES - Join Before Saturday @ Midnight and Be UPGRADED to 6 Months of Coaching!

Your mission, in this STEP-BY-STEp program, is to optimize your organization for success, write your next (or first) grant, & Build A System for consistent funds!


is a group coaching program designed to help you:
  • ​Walk away with a finished grant - from start to finish - through the first 8 weeks... then go on to become a proficient grant writer!

  • Create a simple strategy for the consistent funds you need for a mission you believe in, whether it's your own or someone else's.

  • ​Win more of the grants you write... Using the same process I've use to raise over $130 Million with grants.

  • ​Has every checklist, template, guide, and resource you need to prepare your grant from scratch.

  • ​Includes a PRIVATE Group with other fundraisers just like you.

  • ​Weekly live coaching with all the support you need to be successful.


What is it?

This is a step-by-step 8 week program for effectively writing your next (or first) grant, increasing your grant win rate, & building a system for consistent funds month after month!

Who needs it?

This is perfect for any non-profit who wants to meet & exceed their funding goals every month without added stress by creating a grant writing strategy & writing better grants that get funded.

How does it work?

Once you enroll, the program will start the Monday after you sign up. You'll get lifetime access to a Private Member's Area where new videos drop every Monday of the 8 weeks. Then, as a BONUS, you'll get access to a Private Mastermind Group and LIVE Q&A coaching calls every Tuesday & Friday @ 10 am (central) for 6 months.

Where does it take place?

This program is a virtual program delivered through a Private Member's Area & includes a year of access to a Private Facebook Group and weekly coaching calls. It starts on the Monday after you sign up. After the 8 weeks of the program, you'll still have lifetime access to in the Private Member's Area with any updates to the training being automatically added.

Will it work for me?

If you commit to the step-by-step process and use the resources available to you, you'll be able to successfully write your next (or first) grant and have a system for meeting & exceeding your fundraising goals for years go come. Plus, since you have lifetime access, you can go through the program as quickly or slowly as you like... and as often as needed!

Why does it exist?

We created this because we realized that other programs just provide "principles" of grant writing instead of taking you step-by-step through writing an actual grant. Plus, there is nothing out there that provides the level of support we do to ensure your success through the weekly coaching calls and the Private Mastermind Group.


In the program, you'll go through the following 8 modules of training... with one module released weekly throughout the 8 weeks of the program.


MODULE 1 - Prepare To Write!

Before you can start writing your actual grant, you must make sure the organization is prepared, that you have a good writing schedule set up, and that you have the right grant to write for.
In this module, you'll get the step-by-step details of how to get started with ease… from knowing if you're ready for a grant, to creating a schedule, to researching the funder's website & accessing the grant application.

MODULE 2 - Make Your Organization Shine

How potential funders view your organization will make or break your grant. If they like you from the beginning, your chances of being funded go up exponentially.

In module 2, we start the actual writing process by making your organization shine in the eyes of the funder. You’ll start describing your organization in a way that highlights how awesome you are.


MODULE 3 - Describe Your Project

Once the funder is sold on your organization, it's time to introduce them to the project you're looking for them to fund. 

In module 3, we’ll start digging into the Needs Statement, project goals & objections in a way that allows you to describe what you're doing that aligns with the funder and tells a persuasive story of why funders should fund you.

MODULE 4 - Clarify Your Project Details

After introducing your project goals & objections, it's time to show the funder all of the details of how you intend to reach each of your goals and objections. 

In this module, we'll get all of the finer details of your project written out so that there is no confusion on how you intend to reach each of your goals and objections, how you’ll track your success, and how you’ll sustain the project.

MODULE 5 - Grant Budget & Finishing Details

Now that your project has been defined and detailed, it's time to finish the other little details of the grant and get it submitted. 

In this module, we'll finish out your financial information as well as other little overlooked details, then we'll go through the process of everything you need to do to finally get your grant submitted.
At the end of this module, your first (or next) grant will be completed!

MODULE 6 - Optimizing Your Grant

Once you've written your first draft of your grant, now it's time to go through it to review it and finish anything that needs to be finished. 

In this module, you'll have time to complete the details of the grant that you've been writing over the past couple weeks and make it as solid as possible.

See this week as a "catch-up" week to ensure you're doing everything right.


MODULE 7 - Building The Grant Writing System

Once you have your grant written, now it's time to prepare yourself and set everything up to write your next grants for consistent funds. 

In this module, I'll teach you the exact process my team and I use to successfully meet & exceed our yearly fundraising goals. 
By the end of this module, you'll have a complete system set up for continued grant writing success!

MODULE 8 - Final Grant Review

By now, you've effectively written a grant and have a system in place to continue to write grants for consistent funds, month after month!

In this final module, you'll get to submit your grant to us for our team to review for you and give you feedback.

This is part of the First Grant Review Bonus rewarding you for completing your grant in the 8 weeks of this program!



  • The Complete Story-Based Grants Program:

    Over an 8-week period you'll go through every step it takes to write a winning grant from start to finish & set up a strategy for consistent funds month after month.

  • "Fill-in-the-blanks" Worksheets, Checklists & Templates:

    Get access to every guide, checklist & template you need to write winning grants... including the exact checklists & processes I personally have used to fund over $130 Million through grants.

  • Lifetime Access & Updates:

    This program is always improving and growing with every student's feedback. Not only do you get lifetime access to go through the training as often as you like, but you'll get automatic access to all updates and future bonuses that will be added!

  • Completion BONUS: First Grant Review

    Follow the steps and complete your first (or next) grant within the 8 weeks of the program, and my team will personally review & provide feedback on your grant to ensure a higher funding rate. ($1,500 Value)

* To be in good standing for the grant review bonus, you must be have completed all of the training videos, done the action steps  & have filled out each Module's feedback form.


  • 3 Month Access To Private Mastermind:

    You'll get access to a PRIVATE member's ONLY Facebook Group where you get to collaborate with other students, cheer each other on, and resolve any issues! ($497 Value)

  • 3 Month Access To Weekly Q&A Coaching Sessions:

    Every week for a year, you'll be able to sit down in 2 weekly virtual group coaching calls with an expert that will answer your questions and coach you through any problem to ensure your success! ($1,500 Value)

  • Grant Research Deep Dive:

    Don't know how to find the right grants to apply for? In this bonus class, we'll take an in-depth look at how to find the right grants for you so you don't waste time applying for the wrong grants. ($497 Value)

  • ​Grant Budgets Deep Dive:

    Not sure how to create a rock-solid budget that will work best for you and not deter funders? In this bonus class, we'll take an in-depth look at how to create a budget that makes sense for everyone involved. ($497 Value)

  • ​The Funders Series:

    Want to know exactly what a funder is looking for? In this interview series with actual funders, you'll find out exactly what they're looking for and what they don't want to see. ($1,500 Value)


These bonuses are expiring on Saturday @ Midnight...

  • UPGRADED To 6 Months of Coaching Calls:

    Instead of only 3 months of access to the weekly coaching calls, receive 6 months of unlimited access. ($997 Value)

  • UPGRADED to 6 Months of Private Group Access:

    Instead of only 3 months of access to the Private Facebook Group, receive 6 Months of unlimited access. ($997 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $12,985


The "EASE OF MIND" Guarantee 

Have you ever been convinced on something and then changed your mind because it simply wasn't the right fit for you?

Well, to put your mind at ease with this program, I decided to let you have the option of trying this program out risk free.

So, within 15 days of the start of the program (starts on Monday), if for any reason (or none at all) you choose to not continue with the program, simply email [email protected] and we'll give you a FULL refund.


This means, you can buy now, go through the first 2 weeks, decide it's not for you, and get a full refund! It's that simple...


Ready to Get Started? Choose Your Option.

Are you ready for predictable funds month after month? When you join the Story-Based Grant Writing Program today you'll develop the needed skills to finding 'perfect-fit' funders, writing highly persuasive grants, and creating a system for consistent results! Choose your option below BEFORE the Fast Action Bonuses disappear.

Need Group Rates? Click Here!


Get Everything! BEST DEAL

ONLY $597

OR 4 Installments of $167

Complete 8-Week Training Program

Worksheets, Templates, Checklists

Lifetime Updates & Access

BONUS: Grant Research Deep Dive

BONUS: Grant Budget Deep Dive

BONUS: Funders Series


FAST ACTION BONUS: 6 Months of Private Group Access

FAST ACTION BONUS: 6 Months of Weekly Coaching Calls

Covered By Our 15-Day "Ease Of Mind" Money-Back Guarantee


For Tight Budgets

ONLY $297

OR 4 Installments of $87

7-Week Training Program

Worksheets, Templates, Checklists

Lifetime Updates & Access

FAST ACTION BONUS: 6 Months of Private Group Access

FAST ACTION BONUS: 6 Months of Weekly Coaching Calls

NOTE: BASIC does not include the Grant Review Bonus, the Grant Research Deep Dive, the Grant Budget Deep Dive, or the Funders Series. 

Covered By Our 15-Day "Ease Of Mind" Money-Back Guarantee

STORY-BASED GRANTS Coaching Program Starts the Monday after you sign up. 
FAST ACTION BONUSES Expire Saturday @ Midnight!


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Stephania Burks

Hello, I'm Arlene...

Imagine your health deteriorating from one month to the next and you go from being a type-A hard working, multitasking, over achieving, always on the go person to being sick, horribly sick, can’t get out of bed sick.

How would you react?

That’s exactly what happened to me in August of 2018. My thoughts and behaviors in years prior led to adrenal fatigue so severe, I was forced to take a leave of absence from life and a job I loved. Not only did I love it, I was good at it, but it came with high stress.

The months following were full of fear, exhaustion, confusion, and helplessness.

Finally, I was forced to be still, I had no choice. It was in this valley that I found my assignment.

That job was my introduction to nonprofit administration and grant writing, it drew on my passion for service, the nonprofit work of connecting philanthropists to their personal and social interests, and redistributing funds for the greater good.

But I couldn’t think about that, that was gone, I had to focus on my health. Whatever was ahead would be different and things had to change in life and my profession. I was done with grant writing, or so I thought.

But what would I do?

For the first time, ever, I had time, nothing but time, to heal, and figure out my new direction. And that’s when God revealed His plan for starting my own grant consultant business, Ascend Nonprofit and Business Solutions.

I took my skill of grant writing (over $100 Million raised before starting Ascend NBS) and combined it with my need for something with less stress that also allowed more time for my children...

Then, in 2019, my team & I were able to raise $30 Million for our clients' missions!

Using this same experience and success, I want to partner with you to help you write grants that get funded through the Story-Based Grants program.

Sign up today to start writing your own future...


Arlene Siller

Founder & CEO of Ascend NBS & Grant Yourself Success

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